House Atreides: From Water To Sand

003 - The Fate of Bezas

At the start of this episode, Gest communicates with Thufir Hawat back at Castle Caladan using a predetermined code to give him the information in simple-sounding conversation.  Instead of the update on trade, the younger mentat communicates the likely upcoming attack on the Atreides.

Hawat's orders are to secure young Paul, gather information as the group is able, then secure the thopter pad.

Ialis Palon arranges a private meeting with Baronet Aaklys to get an idea of his part in this plot.  Ianto blends in with the servants in the background in order to eavesdrop on the head merchant, Johann, as he entertains several courtiers in the main courtyard.  Meanwhile, Gest begins quietly gathering up Atreides guards.

Ianto finds that Johann is definitely making friends with just the right people.  And he definitely has the eye and attention of Lady Nneka Bezas.  He brings this information and more back to Livia.  Armed with that information, she has Ianto bring an audience request to Johann, which he accepts.  Ianto's role there complete, he goes to help round up any Atreides at the keep with Gest.

Ialis has his meeting with the Baronet, Aaklys showing off his antique Orange Catholic Bible to the other noble, then sitting down for some wine as they speak of things intellectual and noble.  Ialis sees that, while he may be the head of House Minor Bezas, that he does not appear to be part of this conspiracy and, indeed, is ignorant of it.

Livia meets with Johann in a private meeting room just off of the courtyard.  After going back and forth, Livia lets the merchant know that she feels underutilized with the Atreides and would be interested in other employment.  He takes the bait, negotiating terms with her.  Talks end when there is the sound of fighting outside.

Ialis is finishing his meeting with the Baronet when suddenly he begins to act strangely, eventually collapsing and frothing at the mouth.  The wine!  The effect hits the Captain of the Guard as well, but he fights off the effects as he makes way for the young master's room.  If this has begun, the heir must be protected!  He makes his way to the rooms, meeting up with Gest on the way, who helps him get down the hallway.

The duo enter Paul's room just in time to see him fighting one of the "merchants" armed with two blades.  The boy must have just gotten out of the bath – he is dripping wet, wearing only a pair of workout shorts…and no shield belt.

Gest puts himself in-between the youth and the attacker, defending the boy but getting stabbed in the stomach for his troubles.  He falls to the ground, still between the two in order to act as a barrier as best he can.  Ialis, still in pain from the poison, steps in and is able to put the merchant off-balance and get his blade past the man's shield, up into the underside of his chin and into the brain.  They then barricade themselves in the room for the moment for reinforcements to arrive.

Ianto is walking down one of the corridors with several Atreides guards when Illyana walks by in the opposite direction.  With Ianto at the rear of the formation with the guards, the woman surreptitiously takes hold of the servant's arm, towing him out of the Atreides group.  Ianto moves his other hand into her shield, as if to gently take her arm.  The woman feels only the prick of the poison-ring on her arm and a supreme sense of betrayal before she falls to the ground in a dead heap.

After only a short wait, there is a banging at the door to Paul's quarters – Atreides reinforcements who give the correct counter-sign to Gest's challenge.  They move the group out of the room and begin securing other areas of the keep.

Livia, meanwhile allows herself to be led away by Johann, claiming his new-found "prize."  He pulls her along as they near the thopter pad when she gets his range just right and says, using The Voice, "I'm happy to come with you – no need to use force."  The words have their effect and he lets go of her, walking beside her toward a waiting thopter instead.

Ianto, the servant-assassin, has, unbeknownst to Johann and the thopter's passenger, subdued the pilot and thrown him out of the vehicle, strapping himself into the pilot's seat.  He makes himself visible to Livia, who is now nearing the thopter with Johann beside her.  The only passenger in the thopter is Lady Nneka.  As they near, the Bene Gesserit again uses her bewitching power.  "With my help, you have no need of any other partner to steal profit."  The man's mind puts things together in such a way that Nneka is no longer a necessary part of the equation and he enters the cabin of the thopter and puts a knife through her heart.  After doing so, he is left bewildered at what he has just done.

Livia enters the vehicle just as Paul, Ialis, and Gest Paris arrive, ready to be extracted.  After a quick debate, they decide that Johann is worth taking alive.

As the thopter lifts off, the camera pans back to show the landing area and the field leading up to the keep.  Forces wearing the Atreides green and black are quickly taking the area with mercenaries disguised as merchants lying dead in their wake.  

The fate of House Minor Bezas is inevitable – it has fallen.



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