House Atreides: From Water To Sand

005 - Spying and Spice

In this episode, the team gets their first taste of real sand-work, taking up their places in a spice-harvester's crew.  They also get a chance to gather some intelligence.

In the harvester, the real work begins.  Ialis and Ianto Gest start by working on various machinery and miniature cranes, while Livia works as a patch for the crew and Gest serves as the record keeper.  The work is hard, HOT, and draining.  A couple of the crew are identified as actual Fremen, but they stick to themselves and aren't very talkative.

Back at camp, each member of the group puts their feelers out for intel.

Ianto finds his way into the shadows, then the ventilation ducts, of the camp's main administration building.  On his recon he discovers a woman in a torn and soiled dress being held as a captive in one of the rooms there by several security guards and a Harkonnen officer.  He is able to find out by eavesdropping that her name is Wanna Marcus.  He is able to signal her that he is there without alerting the guards inside the room, before heading out of the duct-work.

Gest, meanwhile, gets a look at the accounting section of the main administration building.  Mentats are taking in the data on the log-books as they're presented to them from a long line of harvester record-keepers.  Gest, looking at one of his fellow keeper's logs, calculates that he is skimming spice from the Harkonnens and subtly lets him know that they will see this.  The man skulks away, his future unknown.

Ialis does more research at the local pub, seeing which Harkonnen officers and other officials come and go, gaining more useful information from the bartender again.  Who they are, what they drink, what they do, who they interact with.

Livia takes a patient at the patchs' tent on the compound – a young woman who was skewered through the arm while working on a harvester.  Not an out of the ordinary event, but she was brought there by an overly-concerned Harkonnen officer.  She obviously meant a lot to him.  Livia tended to her wounds, though keeping a portion of the supplies to herself to store as an emergency bundle, should the team need it.  She takes note of the officer before heading back to the barracks.



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