House Atreides: From Water To Sand

004 - Training To Sand

The heroes are invited to a dinner with the Atreides family, just them and the team alone in the main dining hall.  The feast is sumptuous and praise is lavished on Livia, Ialis, Gest, and Ianto for their heroic deeds before and after the attack on House Bezas.

But there is no rest for these loyal retainers.  Immediately, Duke Leto offers them another mission – intelligence gathering on Arrakis.  The agents who had been sent there by Hawat have ceased reporting back and something is afoot.  There is always something afoot on the planet known as Dune.

The group accepts and their training begins immediately using mock ups of desert life on Caladan.  Desert survival, doing the work of a spice harvester, and more are drilled into their heads for the mission ahead.  At one point, Livia even takes refuge in the mocked up maw of a dead sandworm.  By the end of the month's training, all are drained, tired, and all the better for their new knowledge.

The team leaves for Arrakis under the guise of a husband and wife seeking work for themselves and their family.

Once on Arrakis, Ianto and Livia speak to the main spice harvester employer – a Harkonnen officer – and secure work for the group.  Work can begin almost immediately.  They are issued basic gear, to include an improved version of the standard stillsuits issued to workers (thanks to Livia's shrewd negotiations).

Living in the harvesters' barracks, they quickly find out that the former Atreides spies were killed in their sleep in those same barracks.

Getting the lay of the land, each member of the team scouts out their own areas of the camp to dig into.  Ialis goes to the outskirts of the camp to the pleasure centers, where he interacts with a few characters, most notably the main bartender.  Gest gets an idea of what is going on in the main section of the administrative building on the grounds.  Ianto seeks to scout out the admin building.  And Livia plies her trade as a "patch" – an EMT type of job within both the working harvester and the camp.



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