Gest Paris

House Atreides Mentat

Mental d10 Physical d6 Social d8
Craft d4 Know (Economics) d6 Sneak d4
Drive d4 Labor d6 Strategize (Military) d6
Fight d6 Move d8 Survive d6
Fix d4 Notice d8 Throw d4
Fly d4 Operate d8 Treat d4
Focus (Probability) d10 Perform d4 Trick (Distraction) d8
Influence (Favors) d6 Shoot d4


Mentat d8
- Use as d4 instead of d8
- Plans Within Plans: Spend 1 PP to turn any strategy-based Complication into an Asset for the next round.
- Third-tier Calculation: When you fail on a roll that could have been prevented by a prediction based on a mentat calculation, explain how you would have altered the calculation – what you would have had in place to change the outcome to a positive one. Spend 1 PP and create a new d8 Asset (person, plan, strategy, or thing) representing what you would have brought to the plan and reroll. If you succeed, the failed roll was simply your mental simulation of how it could have happened had you not adjusted your calculation. Whether you succeed or fail, take or step up an Impaired Efficiency Complication after the reroll.

Agent d8
- Use as d4 instead of d8
- Purloined Intel:

Duelist d8
- Use as d4 instead of d8


Dead Languages d6

“Hawk” Dagger d6

Trust of the Smugglers d6

Cool Under Fire d6

Motivation Analysis d6


Gest Paris

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